Modset Modular Formwork System

Modest Modular Formwork System is composed of plywood or steel surfaced panels. it is utilized as well or column formwork in constructions like villa, residence, and infrastructures it can be utilized together with MODSET-s Special Formwork Systemin every projectsand every point of the project.

In the MODEST panels with steel surface, high quility steel plate is used; which external frame is 5 mm, surface plate is 3 mm. External frame height is 60 mm.

MODEST panels with plywood surface are composed of high quality, 11.5 Kg/m2 weight, 18 mm thickness birch plywood which surface is with 200 gr/m2 phenolic film. External support frame has 5 mm thickness and internal frame has 4 mm. External frame height is 70 mm.