The Unisteel SOLDIER is a highly versatile formwork and support beam that has been designed to bring both exceptional strength and, through it’s accessories, a wide variety of applications to soldier users.
The adaptability of the system allows the contractor to use one economical system for all types of temporary works.



The unique profile of Unisteel SOLDIER, with the shaped holes and stiffening ribs is the result of an extensive computer analysis which determined the best balance of strength, stiffness and weight. Galvanized/Painted soldier and a hot dipped galvanized accessories finish giving excellent robustness and durability to get long-life products.

Aluminium Beams

The use of aluminum over timber has great advantages. Aluminum is lighter and stronger than timber and therefore allows larger assemblies of formwork, which in turn reduces the labor cost of fixing and erecting. Unisteel offers two types aluminum beams, the standard SW150 for general use, and the TW150, which is a stronger section and ideal for use where the soldier centers need to be wider apart.


Wall Formwork

One of the most popular uses of the Unisteel SOLDIER system is as a primary support beam for wall shuttering applications. Used with either the contractor’s timber or Unisteel’s SW150 or TW150 Aluminum Beams the system provides an economical and versatile forming system.