Tubes & Fittings Systems

One of the scaffolding used in construction industry by builders and contractors, Tube and Coupler (fitting) components. Generally known as tube and coupler scaffold, the tube and clamp scaffold is inclusive of clamps and scaffold. Use of tube and coupler scaffolding is associated with safety, reach, easy access and position in various construction applications. Via right angle clamps, the vertical steel tubes are connected to the horizontal steel tubes in the tube coupler scaffold used for various scaffolding applications. For the purpose of systematically stabilize the scaffold, the diagonal tubes are connected periodically connected to the tube and clamp scaffold via swivel clamps. One of the most common types of scaffolding used in construction purposes is tube and couplers scaffold. Where the scaffolding required unlimited versatility, the tube and clamp scaffold is used in construction applications. As the walking decks, the horizontal tubes of the tube and clamp scaffold can be precisely placed at specific height along with the vertical tube of tube and clamp scaffold, in accordance to the engineering constraints. In accordance to the needs and requirements, the vertical tubes can be placed or spaced at any distance apart to the distance allowed in harmony with the engineering standards and constraints. Due to its low cost, the tube and coupler scaffold is used in various construction applications across the world. There have been great technology development in the field of construction industry and scaffolding sectors but the tube and camp scaffold is used in various scaffolding applications as it is tried and tested for its low cost and extremely high reliability.