Ekoset Panel System

Easy handled economical panel formwork system

Ekoset Panel Formwork System is the most economical panel system that is used both by columns and shearwalls with 50 kN/m2 frensh concrete compressive strength. Due to max. 54 kg weight per panel, where could be easily carried by two workers, EKOSET, is a lightweight product suitable for non-crane construction sites and hard to reach applications. Owing to its multi-usage EKOSET is user and environmental friend and produced as compatible with other Urtim’ s Panel and Decking Formwork & Prop Systems.

EKOSET® is an economical formwork system with 50 kN/m2 fresh concrete pressure, where offers high cost efficiency.

Panel clamp provides very fast and safe installation and disassembly of EKOSET system.

Thanks to wedge and pin connections, EKOSET could be assembled and disassembled.

System, that is produced through robots for diverse heights and widths, is also offering flexible and sophisticated solutions for L-T-Z and angular sections