Aluminum Scaffolding

Aluminum scaffolding towers, often simply referred to as aluminum scaffolding, are versatile and lightweight access systems used in construction, maintenance, and various other industries. These towers are constructed primarily from aluminum components and offer several advantages over traditional steel scaffolding.

Technical Data

Types of Aluminum Scaffolding

1-Double Width Aluminum Scaffolding. “Wide Width”

  • Tower Length : 2.50 Mtr (Customize any Size)
  • TowerWidth : 1.45 Mtr (Customize any Size)
  • Tower Height : 2.0 Mtr to 15.0 M 

2-Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding “Narrow Width” Diagonals, plain braces

  • Tower Length: 1.80Mtr(Customize any size)
  • Tower Width: 0.80Mtr(Customize any size)
  • Tower Height: 2.0Mtr to 11.0Mtr

System Applications

  • Industrial Maintenance 
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Access Solutions
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Painting and Renovation
  • Window Cleaning
  • Film and TV Production
  • Electrical and HVAC Work

Features :

Cost Effective


Highly Worked


Time Saver

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