VMC Panels System

The VMC Panels is a vertical formwork system created to frame columns and walls, it is primarily directed toward residential buildings.

This system consists a range from hand-held panels in all existing dimensions and it is very suitable where crane is not available.

The flexibility of column cross section (5 cm grids) makes it easy to be adjusted without reassembly.

Different horizontal and vertical dimensions can be produced upon the request of the client.

Technical Data

System Capacity :

70 KN / m2

System Applications

  • Raft & Foundation
  • Double / Single sided walls
  • Columns & Beams
  • Cores & Tanks

System Main Components

  • Cladding with Plywood or PVC board.
  • Connecting parts (bolts)
  • Concreating platform
  • Titling items
  • Tie rods
  • Tubes for alignment


  • Using the complete system without crane
  • Fair-faced concrete surface Easy and fast assembly Panels lightness
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Panels lightness

Features :

Cost Effective

Simple Structure

Time Saver

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