Power & Water

Traditional , Renwable and Desalination

Unisteel Formwork and scaffolding plays an essential roles in these projects to facilitate the construction , maintenance and repair of various components.

Power and Water Projects involve the  construction of structures such as Power Plants , Water treatment facilitates , dams and other infrastructure.

Here are some key considerations and types of formwork commonly used in Power and Water Projects :

  • Conventional Powerplants.
  • Hydroelectric Plants.
  • Wind Farms.
  • Solar Farms.
  • Desalination Plants.
  • Substations.

Other Segments

Commercial Construction

Providing the mold or structure into which concrete is poured to create various structural elements such as walls, columns, beams, and slabs.

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Civil & InfraStructure

Unisteel Formwork and scaffolding plays a crucial role in civil and infrastructure projects, where large-scale concrete structures are common.

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Oil & Gas

Providing safe access to structures, equipment, and work areas during construction, maintenance, and inspection activities.

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