Shore-Brace System

Shorebrace refer to a system used for bracing and supporting formwork during the concrete pouring and curing process.

Bracing is essential to prevent deformations, maintain alignment, and ensure the structural integrity of the formwork.

Technical Data

Working Load:
Up to 70KN, according to braced length & restrained directions.
Vertical Standard Range:

From 0.5 to 3m, with 0.5m increment, 48.3mm diameter standards with high-grade steel standards ST.52, which is equivalent to grade S355 in Euro and British standards.

Ledger Range:

From 0.6 to 3.0m, width 0.3m increment .

Adjustment Range:

Screw jacks up to 40cm .

System Applications

  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Shoring purposes
  • Facade Work
  • Event Staging
  • Access Solutions
  • Support for Heavy Loads
  • Oil and Gas Industry

System Main Components

  • Verticals (Standards)
  • Horizontals (ledgers)
  • Diagonals, plain braces
  • Upper & Lower jacks
  • Scaffolding Accessories , Steel planks , LVL ,Ladders, Transoms, Toe Boards (Scaffolding Accessories)

Features :


Heavy Duty

Time Saver

Highly Worked

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