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United Steel Industries (UNISTEEL) has been established in 2004 as a leading Saudi Company . Unisteel is standing as a prominent player in the field of scaffolding and formwork manufacturing in Saudi Arabia inline with international standards and superior quality. Based on our quality standards which we are following, we have managed to obtain Saudi Aramco approvals and considering Unisteel as a trusted vendor for their projects. Since the beginning Unisteel is utilizing modern machinery and robotics at the fabrication process. Adding to that we have hired highly-skilled workforce to maximize the utilization of our machinery efficiently while manufacturing process of scaffolding and formwork. In addition, we have an expert technical office team which leads Unisteel to have ability to fabricate customized Formwork or Falsework regardless complexity whatever it was. Also, providing creative engineering solutions. As a part in believing of customer satisfaction impact on our business we have a special team in operation and supply chains department. This team is dedicated to providing full assistance to our Technical Sales Department in order to fulfill our customers’ requirements prior to the sales process and after sales services as well.

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