Dirriyah Gate - Super Basement Parking

Dirriyah Gate - Super Basement Parking

The scale of the project was truly noteworthy, with a budget of USD 1.06 billion and covering a staggering 1 million square meters in floor area. Unisteel's formwork systems played a critical role in providing comprehensive formwork solutions for all elements of the structure, including slabs, columns, and walls and in ensuring the structural integrity, safety, and efficiency of the Super Basement carpark, meeting the stringent standards set by a project of this magnitude.

Project Info

Client: Fatayrji Contracting Co & Salini Impregilo S.P.A

Category: Super Basement Parking

By participating in a project of such scale and significance, Unisteel demonstrated its ability to handle the complexities of large-scale construction endeavors. The successful completion of the "Super Basement" carpark at Diriyah Square solidified Unisteel's position as a trusted and reliable formwork supplier capable of meeting the diverse needs of major infrastructure developments.

This collaboration not only highlighted Unisteel's technical proficiency but also emphasized its commitment to contributing to iconic projects that shape urban landscapes. The Super Basement carpark project stands as a testament to Unisteel's dedication to excellence in formwork supply for structures that play a crucial role in enhancing the infrastructure of the community.