Engineering Solutions

Unisteel is entrusted with providing expert formwork and scaffolding engineering solutions across a variety of projects. This design brief outlines the general principles and considerations that guide Unisteel's approach to formwork and scaffolding design.

Design Philosophy:
Innovative formwork solutions tailored to project requirements.
Structural analysis and design to accommodate diverse construction needs.
Scaffolding Engineering:
Customized scaffolding solutions for various project types. Rigorous safety assessments integrated into design considerations.
Compliance and Standards:

Unisteel adheres to all local and international safety regulations, building codes, and industry standards. Our team ensures that all designs meet or exceed the required compliance criteria.

Material Selection:

Utilizing high-quality materials, Unisteel selects materials based on project-specific requirements, ensuring durability, and alignment with environmental considerations.

Safety Measures:

Safety is a top priority in all Unisteel designs. Rigorous safety assessments are conducted to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with formwork and scaffolding installations..


Unisteel provides comprehensive documentation, including detailed drawings, calculations, and supporting materials. This documentation facilitates clear communication and aids in the approval process.

Stakeholder Collaboration:

Unisteel collaborates closely with contractors, project managers, and regulatory authorities to ensure seamless integration of formwork and scaffolding solutions into the overall project plan.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Unisteel designs are flexible and adaptable to changing project conditions. Our team is equipped to review and revise designs as needed during the course of a project.

Continuous Improvement:

Unisteel is committed to continuous improvement, incorporating lessons learned from each project into our future designs and engineering solutions.