Quality & Standards

UNISTEEL's quality policy is to provide excellent products and services to consistently satisfy the expectations and demands of our esteemed clients thus sustaining the profitable growth of the company. Continuous improvement at all is the responsibility of all staffs at UNISTEEL .A list of approved suppliers is maintained which conforms to our criteria as follows:

  • Consistency of timely supply with similar and requirements.
  • Compliance with an approved third party product / quality registration scheme.

New suppliers are always most welcome and will be subjected to evaluations and should accomplish a Suppliers Qualification Form.

UNISTEEL's Purchasing department is very prompt and accurate. But even though, all materials received by the Supplier are verified with the purchase order parallel to the delivery notes in order to reassure accuracy of both quantity, quality and material identity.

All materials or items are holding codes to avoid any misrepresentation of materials.

Our quality team is working hard for all production processes from the procurement of raw materials till the final packaging to ensure that every product is at the finest quality that our clients deserve. Since our establishment in the year 2006, we are continuously making efforts to manufacture and supply scaffoldings that could meet all the specific demand of customers.

UNISTEEL's scaffolding venture is supported by a substantial investment of high quality equipments that conforms to the following standards:

BS 5973                        Code of practice for access working and special structures in steel.

BS 5974                        Code of practice for temporarily installed suspended access equipment.

BS 5975                        Code of practice for false work.

BS 1139                        Metal Scaffolding.

OSHA                           29 CRF, 1926 scaffold planking.

ANSI                             AIO.8 Scaffolding safety requirements.

SABIC                          Safety Standards.

Saudi Aramco

Construction Safety   Gl 8.001 Safety Requirements For Scaffolds.