Uni-Safety Net

Construction Safety Nets are used at high-rise building construction sites for preventing accidental fall of people or objects in the site.

Construction safety nets are the safest and the most cost-effective fall prevention system in the world.

Technical Data

  • Fully Compliant Nets and Assembly manufactured to EN Standards
  • Double layer nets made up of 60x60 and 20x20 nets (Heavy Duty) or 100x100 and 20x20 nets (Medium Duty) manufactured from high tensity polypropylene (HT, PP) material with an optional light duty Debris net as third layer.
  • UV Treatment to resist sun damage.
  • 3.1m Standard width or 4.7m Extra Wide width
  • Resistant to high wind loads, able to be tied top/ bottom against overturning.
  • 0.85m overlap between units providing more protection between units
  • Full range of accessories to enable connection to various types and shapes of structures.
  • Manufactured from Steel (Painted or Galvanized finish) and Patented Extruded Aluminum profiles to provide optimum strength and weight.

Types of Uni-Safety Net

  • Standard Type
  • Wide Type
  • Vertical Type


  • Light Weight
  • Water Resistant
  • Weather Resistant 
  • Easy To Install

Features :

Cost Effective

Highly Worked

Time Saver

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