Logistics Services

Logistics services encompass a range of activities involved in the planning, implementation, and control of the efficient movement and storage of Material, services, and information.

Supply Chain Management:
Coordinating the entire supply chain, from the production of formwork and scaffolding to their distribution and delivery to customers.
Timely Delivery:
Ensuring that formwork and scaffolding materials are delivered to the construction site according to the agreed-upon schedule.
Inventory Management:
Efficiently managing inventory to prevent shortages and delays in supply.
Managing storage facilities to store products securely and facilitate efficient order fulfillment.
Providing reliable transportation services to deliver materials to various construction sites.
Tracking and Visibility:
Offering tracking services so that customers can monitor the movement of their materials and have visibility into the delivery process.
Customs and Regulatory Compliance:
Ensuring that all shipments comply with relevant customs and regulatory requirements.
Designing and implementing effective packaging solutions to protect products during transportation and storage.
Customer Support:
Offering customer support services to address any issues related to logistics, such as delays, damages, or other concerns.