Cup-Lock System

The Cuplock system is a versatile and widely used scaffolding system in the construction industry. Its design allows for quick and easy assembly, providing a safe and efficient platform for various construction and maintenance activities.

Technical Data

Working Load:
Up to 70 KN , According to braced length and restrained directions
Vertical Standard Range:
From 0.5m to 3.0m , with 0.5m increment , 48.3mm diameter standards with high-grade steel ST.52 , which is equivalent to grade S355 in Euro and British Standards .
Ledger Range:
From 0.6m to 3.0m , with 0.3m increment .
Adjustment Range:
Screw jacks up to 40cm .

System Applications

  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Shoring Purposes
  • Facade Work
  • Event Staging
  • Access Solution
  • Support for Heavy Loads
  • Oil and Gas Industry

System Main Components

  • Verticals (Standards)
  • Horizontals (Ledgers)
  • Diagonals , Plain Braces
  • Upper , Lower Jacks
  • Steel Planks , LVL , Ladders , Transoms , TOE Boards 
 (Scaffolding Accessories)

Features :

Cost Effective


Highly Worked


Time Saver

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