Uni-Prop Jacks

Adjustable Uni Prop Jacks has been designed to support a wide range of temporary floors and beams and are available with spigot fork-head. It is also designed only with 2 main components, the outer leg and inner leg. To adjust, insert the pin through the threaded tube into the hole on the prop inner tube, then prop collar to achieve prop height.


Technical Data

System Applications

  • High-rise building slabs
  • Housing projects
  • Large-scale horizontal projects (malls, universities, administration buildings, ...etc.)


  • Easy and practical to set up.
  • High load capacity with low weight.
  • Quickly shifted and adapted.
  • Cost effective and efficient to be used in carrying out large-area slab projects.
  • Wedge-lock allows quick and easy work regarding attaching and detaching the props.
  • Low stacking height when transported and stored.
  • Safe, fast shifting appliances, saving time and money.
  • Minimum components identification difficulties .

Features :

Cost Effective

Highly Worked

Time Saver

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