Al Marai Hadco

Al Marai Hadco

Unisteel played a significant role as the formwork supplier for the Al Marai Hadco Tank project.


Project Info

Client: Near East Contracting

Category: Storage Tanks

For the slabs and access scaffolding in the Al Marai Hadco Tank project, Unisteel deployed the efficient and versatile Cuplock system. This system, known for its speed and simplicity in assembly and it has facilitated the creation of reliable access scaffolding, contributing to an efficient and secure working environment.

For the walls, Unisteel employed the Aluminum & Waler system, emphasizing lightweight yet durable materials. This system, characterized by its ease of handling and adaptability, enabled the construction of sturdy and well-supported walls. The combination of aluminum components and walers ensured a smooth and efficient formwork process for the vertical elements of the Al Marai Hadco Tank project.