Madinah Bridge

Madinah Bridge

Unisteel played a pivotal role in the Elevated U Turn-Madinah Bridge project by participating as the supplier of tailor-made formwork with special steel panels for bridge girders and piers.

Project Info

Client: Advanced Construction Co.

Category: Special Steel Panels Formwork -Tailor Made

For the Elevated U Turn-Madinah Bridge project, Unisteel designed and supplied special steel panels tailor-made to the unique specifications of bridge girders and piers. The use of special steel panels showcased Unisteel's dedication to precision and efficiency, ensuring the formwork met the project's high standards for quality and structural integrity.

The tailor-made formwork not only accommodated the distinct requirements of different bridge components but also emphasized Unisteel's capacity to deliver customized solutions within a fast-paced construction environment. The ability to provide high-quality formwork with efficiency and speed is crucial in meeting project timelines, and Unisteel demonstrated expertise in this aspect through its contribution to the Elevated U Turn-Madinah Bridge project.