Riyadh Boulevard

Riyadh Boulevard

Unisteel's participation in Riyadh Boulevard not only showcased their technical proficiency but also solidified their position as a trusted partner for major events, reinforcing their commitment to quality, safety, and reliability in the field of scaffolding services.

Project Info

Client: Saudi Arena

Category: Entertainment Event

Completed on: 2022-01-20

As the chosen scaffolding provider, Unisteel played a crucial role in ensuring the safety and stability of the various stages set up for performances, presentations, and events at Riyadh Boulevard. Their expertise in designing and delivering high-quality scaffolding systems made them the ideal partner for such a prominent occasion.

The partnership with Riyadh Boulevard underscored Unisteel's reputation for excellence in the industry. By supplying top-of-the-line scaffolding systems, the company demonstrated its ability to meet the unique demands of high-profile events and contribute to the overall success and safety of the Riyadh Boulevard experience.